COVID Relief

Dear music business family,

There is an old story about a fisherman on a sail boat who punched a hole through the floor of his room in order to fish. As the boat was slowly flooding, he argued with his shipmates that since the hole was in his room it was his private business. As the story goes, his shipmates had to force him out of the room and plug up the hole in order to save the ship. The moral of the story of course is that we are all in this together and the action of one affects many. We urge you to focus on your health and well-being, as well as on the well-being of those around you. We must learn to cooperate and stay patient with each other to remain healthy and safe.

This page is meant to provide you with helpful and actionable information. We will be updating it regularly about resources that can help you better deal with the financial, medical, and mental crisis we are all living through. If you can think of anything we missed here, please write us about it. 

First, we are proud to share that GMP and gener8tor announced a COVID-19 Response Program – a free webinar series serving Georgia music industry folks which will run daily, on weekdays, May 11 – 15 at Noon to 2:00pm. Please read more about it here and sign up to take advantage of it. Space is limited, so please register early. 

Second, we want to share a few additional helpful resources:

  • MUSICARES: The Recording Academy is offering support through (and if you are interested in donating for their fund you can do so on that site as well). 
  • ALICE: This small business advisory team prepared a user-friendly small business resource center where you may apply for grants and more – 
  • ATLANTA FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS: AFM produced an informative and helpful page at 
  • BILLBOARD: The magazine has posted an extensive list of resources on its site and is updating those regularly. 
  • MUSIC COVID RELIEF: An industry wide effort, this web site lists a variety of helpful resources in a well-organized manner, including how to apply for help from various sources.
  • YOUR COUNTY AND CITY SERVICES: In the metro ATL area, visit the COVID sites prepared by Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Atlanta, and pretty much any other county and city in Georgia is likely to have a site up by now for this purpose, simply Google search for the municipality and most would have a link to it now on their home page.
  • ATLANTA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: For gig economy and other employment opportunities, check out the listing provided by ChooseATL