GMP has focused on city and state policy and county and city governmental relations.

  • Around the state, we have partnered with Music and Entertainment Council of Columbus, and excited to report that we have 2 new city chapters that were formed this year.  Athens Music Partners and Augusta Music Partners.  If you would like to establish a city chapter, please email
  • Dekalb Entertainment Commission has contracted us along with Sound Diplomacy for a 5 year entertainment strategic plan.
  • Statewide we are working harder than ever to get a statewide music office established through the Governors commission.  There is no one at the state level growing music investments, sharing success stories.

Bills we support:

1) SB 157

Truth in Music Advertising Bill

Sponsored by Senator Cowsert from Athens, this bill passed in the Senate last session and hopefully will be picked back up in the state house.

These laws seek to prevent “imposter” bands and artists from profiting off the good and valuable name of the real bands or artists. Based on concepts of consumer protection and property rights (name, likeness, trademark, etc), these laws enable action against the deceptive acts.

This music has wide based support from the RIAA, Live music venues and GMP to name a few.  Please ask your House of Representative members to support this when it comes to a vote.

2) HR 821

This legislation will give you, the Georgia taxpayer, the option to donate all or part of your state tax refund to benefit the Georgia Council for the Arts.Contributions are voluntary, but if you want the option available, then please ask your State Representative to vote in favor of it.   The status of the legislation can be found on the Georgia General Assembly.  Initial co-sponsors are:

  1. Mallow, Derek (D)  163rd
  2. Mathiak, Karen (R) 73rd
  3. Gaines, Houston (R) 117th
  4. Neal, Yasmin (D) 74th
  5. Moore, Beth (D) 95th

3) True Origin of Goods Act (TOGA)

The True Origin of Goods Act (TOGA) requires online sites that deal “in substantial part in the electronic dissemination” of commercial recordings or audiovisual works to properly display true name and address information on the site. The law is the online equivalent of True Name and Address statutes across the country intended to protect consumers and the legitimate marketplace. Currently, Tennessee and Florida have TOGA laws enacted, though the legislation has been introduced in other states. The legislation serves several purposes:

  • Protects Consumers
  • Protects Businesses
  • Protects Creators

Kasey Carpenter (R), Dalton Ga to sponsor

4) Extension for the Georgia Music Investment Act

In an effort to bring meaningful growth to Georgia’s music industry overlooked by state entertainment tax credits, GMP is seeking to get the current legislation extended for a period of two years as we continue to educate and inform leaders on the issues.  The current legislation expires January of 2023, so at minimum we need an extension to allow time for us to get the amendments passed.  Likely Sponsor, Houston Gaines (R) Athens, Ga.

5) Jobs Arts and Music Recovery Act

Jobs Arts and Music Recovery Act - A bill to amend the Georgia Music Investment act by lowering the thresholds, raising the credit, allowing the credit to aggregated and transferred.  This bill has the support of the Columbus Delegation, Georgians for the Arts, RIAA, ASO and hundreds of businesses around the state.  Likely Sponsor, Dean Smyre (D) Columbus, Ga.