Music is part of our daily lives. We hear it in our cars, in grocery stores, when we are holding on calls. However, it is much more than background noise. Music is transformative, helps relax and motivate us.

Music education is vital component for K-12 students for a number of reasons. Numerous studies have shown that cognitively, music expands and strengthens the brain, improves language and motor skills in children and for those that perform and create it, there are even more benefits. Children that study music get higher test scores, not just in the arts but in history, math and social studies. Kids who study music also work better in groups and tend be leaders among their peers – the kinds of soft skills businesses want in their employees. There’s no question about it: music matters to education.

Georgia Music Partners (GMP) advocates for and supports Music Education in all schools at every level. Over 100 music industry careers are available to those interested. We support Music Therapy and music-therapy programs in medical facilities and schools. GMP recommends that all Georgia College and Career Academies incorporate music technology, business, performance, and medicine into its curriculum, giving students more pathways leading to employment. GMP offers program advice to any institution that wishes to add music industry and/or music therapy to its curriculum. For assistance, please contact Dr. Lyn Schenbeck, Vice President for Workforce Development at