Georgia Music Partners

The authority that grows and improves the music economy in Georgia.


Georgia Music LEGACY 

Georgia’s musical legacy is an integral component of its past,
present and future – and remains a vibrant and ever-growing cultural presence.


Georgia Music INDUSTRY

Constantly breeding exciting new music in multiple genres.

Home to some of the nation’s largest music festivals including TomorrowWorld, A3C, Savannah Music Fest, and Shaky Knees.

Boasting new music-focused technology start-ups in music gamification, production music licensing, digital distribution, and music promotion platforms.

Ticket Alternative | Silent Sound | Crossover | Neurotic Media | Affix Music | Placement Music | Reach Records | TomorrowWorld | TovBot | Brash Music | LoudFund | ZAC | Songs for the Architect | Museaic Labs


More than 50 post-secondary education programs in music-related disciplines at Georgia State University, the University of Georgia, Kennesaw State University, CEC, Clayton State University, and Georgia Institute of Technology.

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  • Georgia State University
  • Central Education Center
  • Georgia Tech
  • Kennesaw State University


Our wonderful home grown talent base continues to migrate toward cities with more favorable infrastructure and opportunities. Local music companies find it hard to compete with other cities. We see this challenge as an opportunity – and work closely with the local music industry and with our officials to drive change that leads to measurable results.