GMP is the music industry’s advocacy coalition in Georgia. In addition to our work on the “fix bill” for GA’s Music Investment Act, GMP is also focusing on music economic studies in the state, creating useful local music business directories, and coordinating strategies with local academia around Workforce Readiness. GMP is operated by volunteers. We incur costs around our marketing, promotions, lobbying, legal, and member activation activities. We appreciate the support we received from the entire industry, may you be an individual donating whatever you can, an organization providing us a large sponsorship, or anything in between. 

People and companies who should be “Members” include:

  1. Industry stakeholders that directly benefit from the Georgia Music Incentive Act (record companies, production companies, live concert companies, artist management teams).
  2. Industry service providers relative to the ins and outs of the Act’s implementation (CPAs, lawyers, advisors).
  3. Educational institutes.
  4. Professionals across the entire ecosystem empowered by the music business. 

Why partner with GMP

Your support of GMP can help us with the following objectives:

  1. Through our lobbying and advocacy work, attain meaningful tax credits that help you save significant money
  2. Gain actionable data about market conditions and business facilities where you may book business and save money
  3. Empower workforce development initiatives with educational institutions around the state

Please complete the following application and place a donation ($25 and up annually) to become a member of GMP. If you prefer to pay by check, please mail it – together with all pertinent details – to:

GMP, 3495 Buckhead Loop NE, Suite 19238, Atlanta GA 30326.

All memberships are active for one (1) year from completion of this form and memberships are non-refundable. For more information on GMP membership or to sign your company up, please contact