URGENT: Write or call your City Council Representative Today. Zoning Board Vote TOMORROW – 1-11-17

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ATTENTION: City of Atlanta Sound Recording Studio’s, Engineers, Educator’s and Stakeholders – WRITE OR CALL ATLANTA CITY COUNCIL TODAY!!

A proposed Sound Studio Ordinance (Z-16-069)  introduced by Councilwoman Felicia Moore is threatening Atlanta’s music industry by targeting recording studios.

Our sound recording studios have brought millions of dollars into the city’s economy, created jobs and helped to nurture the homegrown talent and culture that has given the City Atlanta its prominence in the entertainment industry worldwide. Any additional restrictions such as the proposed ordinance will keep new businesses from developing in our area.  The ordinance is requiring studios to obtain special use permits, mandated soundproofing regulations and at least 500ft distance from residences(targeting home studios).

Write a short letter on YOUR LETTERHEAD to YOUR Councilperson today.  If you don’t live in the City limits, please write to the Zoning Committee Members listed below.   Explain how the ordinance would negatively impact your business.

Here are some helpful talking points:

  • Encourage Zoning Committee Members to vote“NO” on the proposed Ordinance.
    · This ordinance WILL Drive business and customers away from the city and state.
  • The issue is one of crime and noise across the city wherever it may occur.
    ·Musicians are creative professionals that contribute to the workforce and tax base of this city.
    · These incidents and individuals do not represent the greater creative community.
  • This type of “Spot Zoning” unfairly targets the creative community and opens the city up for unnecessary
    lawsuits and costly legal fights.


If you are not sure WHO your council member is, we have includes a map and contact info:




Email your letter. Below is a link to City Council Members and their contact information. Please copy us on your email at gmp@georgiamusicpartners.org. We are collecting letters to present to the Zoning Committee during their next Committee Meeting.

Carla Smith (Chairman)

Carla Smith (Chair)
Mary Norwood
Keisha Lance-Bottoms
Kwanza Hall
Joyce Sheperd
Alex Wan
Howard Shook

ENCOURAGE 5 PEOPLE in your network to write letters. We need a diverse cross section of businesses and industry stakeholders to advocate on our behalf.

PLEASE JOIN US tomorrow, January 11, 2017 for the Zoning Committee Meeting and wear RED. The Zoning Committee Meeting will be held in the Atlanta City Hall annex downtown at 55 Trinity Avenue, at 9:30am in Council Committee room #1. The members of the Zoning Committee will vote on the ordinance at this time. We will present our 500 letters to each member of the committee at this time.

Also, mark you calendar for the MOST important date, January 17th, when the full board of the Atlanta City Council will vote on this issue. Check back here and on social media @gamusicpartners on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for further details, time and location.

As you know, Georgia Music Partners is an advocacy coalition of music industry professionals, educators and artists. We exist because we know that creating and studying music matters for our schools and our economy. We have worked with local and state lawmakers for over 6 years to help create more job opportunities and attract music businesses to Atlanta as well as Athens, Macon, Savannah and Augusta.


Georgia Music Partners

Atlanta Federation of Musicians

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

Avatar Events Group

Blue Room Studios

Bryan-Michael Cox

Captive Sound Studios, Inc.

Creative Sound Concepts

EDF Developers

Flo (Florian Ongonga)

Foz Rock-Musician (Avenue of the Giants, REHAB)

ICON Studios

Indiehitmaker (Bram Bessoff)

Mean Streets Studios

Mike Froedge/Open Sky Studio

Mixed by Miles (Miles Walker)

Neurotic Media

Phil Tan –Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer
The Caldwell Group

Placement Music (Tammy Hurt)

Red Tuxedo Mastering

Redwarbler Music, LLC

SAE Institute Atlanta

Silent Sound

Soul Asylum Studios Group LLC

Sound and Stone Studios

Sound Resort Studios

Stone and Tashia Stafford

Street Execs Studios

The Zero Mile LLC

Top 40 Recording Studios

Triangle Sound (Tricky Stewart)


Twelve Music and Studios

Wholeteam Enterprises, LLC

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