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Music + Politics = Jobs!!!

We are very excited to report that HB155, the Georgia Music Investment Act, will go in front of the House Ways and Means Committee on Monday. Click here to see the members of the Ways and Means Committee.

For the first time in our state, we have a bill that will help the music industry create thousands of new jobs. Click here for detailed info on HB155.

Click here for a current version of the bill: HB 155 Substitute.

We have over 200 businesses and organizations around the state and the world supporting HB155. Click here for supporters.

This week is critical for us. Please call your representative on Monday!! Click here to find you Georgia House Representative.

If you can’t call then write and ask your representative to support HB155. We must get HB155 passed by the House Floor by Friday or else it will not pass this year.

FYI – There was misinformation being circulated about the bill. We want to ensure our supporters and the music community at large that there are no new or increased taxes on performers, venues or any music related business.  HB155 mirrors the film incentive; as such, it will bring in work opportunities for Georgia artists and businesses in the areas of performances, recording and scoring.

Please share this with your friends and colleagues, in your newsletters, and on social media with the hashtag: #HB155

It’s time to TURN UP THE VOLUME on Georgia Music – NOW!!

Reminder: GMP is an all-volunteer organization. Every penny donated goes toward our efforts to pass HB155.
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