Turn up the Volume on Music in Georgia

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Mala SharmaGeorgia Music Partners just launched a fundraising campaign to raise $100,000.

Why is this important? 

The music industry contributes nearly $5 Billion to Georgia’s economy, with 20,000 individuals that are in the industry and hundreds of music venues and festivals around the state. For an industry our size, we need to come together to advocate for policies that will grow opportunities for us. Ten years ago the film industry came together and through their lobbying efforts were able to create what is now the Entertainment Tax Credit. If we can raise awareness across the state and raise money for our legislative efforts, we may be able to reap the same reward.

Let’s work together to Grow Music in Georgia.

What will the money be used for?  

The money will be used for Lobbying on behalf of the industry. Every other industry in the state has been doing this for years – from teachers and nurses to video game developers. In order to have our interests preserved and promoted, we need to hire Legislative Affairs counsel to assist us.

How will this benefit me or my business?  

If you are a student, increased business opportunities improves your chance of staying in Georgia and getting a job in the industry.

If you are a professional, our initiatives, if passed,  could significantly impact live music and festival productions in Georgia. We also focus on music creation for film, TV, advertisements and video games.

If you are musician, producer or engineer, promoting music businesses, recordings and live shows means more opportunities for you. Orchestras, backup singers and musicians  could supplement their regular work with additional opportunities.

How can I help?

Become a Tour Supporter, or Join the band!  Tell your friends, colleagues and anyone that enjoys music to do the same.  Help us turn up the volume in Georgia.

Know any business owners that would benefit from increased opportunities in music? Venues, Sound and Lighting Companies, Record Labels, Publishing Companies, Music Stores etc….  Send them our sponsorship information, and ask them to support our cause.

Lets work together for a stronger future for Georgia’s music industry!


(Mala Sharma, Co-Chair, GMP)