President Update: GMP’s Recording Studios Directory

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Shachar Oren

This year has flown by fast, and I find it hard to believe it’s already summer. We’ve been planning our marketing approach to the Georgia Music Tax Incentive, working diligently with our Task Forces to define go-to-market tactics, as well as strategizing with our Member Companies about the “Aggregation” concept. The aggregation concept is designed to allow entities who are (i) spending too little to qualify for the tax incentive on their own, or (ii) lack tax presence in Georgia towards which tax incentives can be filed. The idea is that such parties can enroll with a sizable local entity (the “Aggregator”) that has both local presence and scale, which allow it to file for the tax credit and pass the benefits to the many smaller participants. Is such an aggregator the right step for you?

The first community where we think aggregation may play a big role are Georgia’s many recording studios. As a studio owner, how would you like to benchmark your studio against others in Georgia, enjoy free publicity, and participate in our upcoming Town Hall about leveraging the Music Tax Incentive to grow your business? In return for a few minutes of your time, these benefits can be yours.

GMP is preparing a directory of local studios, including specifications and contact information. This Georgia Recording Studios Directory will provide a resource for artists, managers and record companies that are considering recording in Georgia. With the Music Investment Act providing 15% to 20% in savings, we want to make it easy and transparent for industry professionals to make a favorable decision about doing business in Georgia. We want to place actionable information in their hands so they can figure out who to call as quickly as possible.

We invite you to participate in our Georgia Recording Studios Directory survey. This survey was prepared by your peers – by the studio owners on our Recording Task Force – and contains questions they felt are helpful for an artist, manager, and label who seek to book a session. Our Directory will not include a grading system. We are focused on listing features, capabilities and expertise.

To participate, please complete the survey at Only one survey per company will be accepted. Please plan to complete the survey by July 13. We will start circulating the Directory shortly after that. Studios are encouraged to continue and amend their data with us, and can join after we publish it at any time – yet we encourage you to add your data to the Directory as early as possible, so you don’t miss an opportunity to be included in our first circulation to the industry nationally.

In exchange for your time and information, we will be pleased to invite you to our upcoming webinars and meetings in which we will discuss how local studios can take advantage of the Georgia Music Investment Act to grow their business. If you are concerned that you lack the tools or expertise to file for the music tax credits, or that your annual spending won’t qualify, these sessions are perfect for you since we will introduce attendees to aggregation solutions that streamline the process for any filing entity, big or small.

Thank you for your assistance with this important project. And please stay tuned for more to come from GMP in upcoming weeks.


Shachar Oren

President, GMP