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Music = Business: Georgia Music Industry Generates $3.7 Billion Annual Revenue

ATLANTA, GA — Today, Representative Bert Reeves of Marietta, Georgia (District 34) introduced House Bill 956 in the Georgia House of Representatives. This new legislation will help create jobs and grow the music industry in Georgia by expanding and strengthening the entertainment business in this state — which generates $3.7 billion in annual revenue. The Bill is supported by Georgia Music Partners, the authority which grows and improves the music economy in Georgia.

House Bill 956 will help keep Georgia’s homegrown musical talent working in Georgia while also bolstering the industry and positively impacting the recording industry as well as infrastructure development of music facilities. Data has shown a vibrant music ecosystem sparks job creation, economic growth and tourism. The initiative aims to holistically transform Georgia into a creative entertainment and media hub, just as similar legislation has led to the growth of the film and television industry in this market.

“I am proud of Georgia’s rich musical heritage,” said Representative Reeves. “As a performing musician for more than 15 years, I know there is a great music scene, which provides a foundation for something big. With some focused efforts, we can build on the musical infrastructure already in place to lift the music industry to new heights. As the entertainment industry continues to prosper in Georgia, the time is right for the music industry to be part of that success. I look forward to leading this effort in the legislature.”

“Georgia has a rich legacy of supremely talent artists, from Otis Redding and to R.E.M., to Alan Jackson and the Allman Brothers Band” added Georgia Music Partners Co-President Mala Sharma. “Today, young artists such as Luke Bryan, Future and Phillip Phillips are reaching a worldwide audience through a wide array of live and online mediums including world tours, and digital and global distribution platforms. House Bill 956 will foster exponential growth of music in our state while also promoting significant job creation.”

“This really is the ‘Year of Music in Georgia.’ To have the state legislature introduce and discuss a bill which could strengthen the music industry here is vital,” said Kerren Berz, Columbus Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster and The Galloway School Orchestra Director. “I strongly support any effort which can create more opportunities.”

On Wednesday, March 2, 2016, Georgia Music Day will be celebrated at the Capitol in Atlanta, GA. More details to be announced.

About Georgia Music Partners

Georgia Music Partners (GMP) is the authority that grows and improves the music economy in Georgia. GMP encourages the state’s musicians, music professionals, educators and legislators to work together to further develop Georgia’s music industry through creativity and innovation. GMP is actively engaged with educators, local and state governments, business organizations, and music business leaders in pursuit of cooperation that promotes growth for all stakeholders. Through these partnerships, the organization seeks to develop programs, which enable the state to better market music business in Georgia, and works to attract investment dollars for music technology companies to headquarter here. GMP seeks not only to sustain the music industry, but also holistically grow Georgia’s economy.


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