Meet Aneesah Bray, GMP’s Secretary

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Aneesah Bray holds multiple executive roles: She is the CEO of Creative Collective Capital (C3), the Principle at Aneesah Bray Consulting, and the President of GPP (GMP’s equivalent organization on the film side). She made Georgia home back in 1994. We sat down for a quick interview about her roots and her career in music:


Aneesah Bray

Aneesah Bray

What did music represent for you as a child, and how has it impacted your career?

I played classical piano for 12 years as a child, and in addition to that, I was exposed to the business itself at home. My mother was an accountant for CBS and was a friend of the Jacksons. My father owned a piano company that serviced musicians including Prince, Axle Rose, Barry White and Donna Summer to name a few. Anyone that had a piano on stage probably used my Dad’s services. Both of their careers played a part in the skill sets I use now in Entertainment Finance. I followed my Mom everywhere and she had me working in her office from the time I was 5.


What is the best advice you have received? 

Ice T taught me about strategy. He dropped a ton of jewels on a 19 year old me. I was also mentored by the late Randy Pirotin who was a phenomenal business man that advised me to always position myself in business. 


Who is your favorite Georgia artist? And Georgia song? 

My favorite Georgia Artist is my artist Xanier. My favorite Georgia song?? Whoa…I have a few. Donnie “Cloud 9”, Hero the Band “All time low” Migo’s “Fight Night”, Killer Mike’s “”Regan,” “Never Scared,” Big Mike Mic Whoa’s “Gym Flow” and Xanier’s “LGTTP”…

I have a long history of Georgia music. I came from LA to go to Freaknik – and Bass Music blew me away. I was a part of Puffy’s Atlanta party and exposure movement and initiated my part of the Jodeci tour from Atlanta, GA. I was a part of the Crunk Movement because I managed Bone Crusher for the length of his career and through that experience I witnessed Atlanta’s music take over the nation. It hasn’t let go yet.


Tell us about your business.

I currently provide administration and operations services for independent record labels, as well as manage two artists and a DJ. I am on the executive board of GMP, the President of GPP and head the Music Roundtable for DeKalb Entertainment. I also hold two events around creative industry and IP investments: C3 Sound and Screen Finance Forum in Atlanta GA, and C3 Creative Conference being held in Belize September 2021.


Why did you join GMP? 

I’ve been a member of GMP since the beginning, at the encouragement of GMP’s founding members. As a music industry professional I felt GMP’s advocacy work represents my interests.


Why is music advocacy important to you? 

Music is clearly in my blood, and I’m honored to be learning so many different parts of its ecosystem from finance to corporate to legislation. Most people only know creative and marketing, so I feel privileged to be among the biggest and brightest minds. Most of my friends find the music business addicting… I agree.


What is your favorite Place to hear live music in Georgia?

Smith’s Ole bar!


Who is a new Georgia musical talent you are excited to follow? 

Xanier and Big Mike Mic Whoa!