Legislative update – January 2020

GMPtemp Blog

On Monday January 13th, the 155th Georgia General Assembly will convene for the the second session. GMP will continue to monitor and track any and all legislation that will affect our diverse industry. We anticipate several new bills to be introduced as well as some changes to existing music incentives.  
Currently, HB 347 – introduced by Representative Josh Bonner – is in the House Entertainment Working Group. This “cleanup” bill would allow The Georgia Music Investment Act tax credits to be transferable, aggregated and would lower their thresholds. As such, it would align the bill (which is already in the budget) with filing methods that work well for film and other silos. We fully support Rep. Bonner’s bill and believe that music should be given the same opportunity incentives as film, tv and digital entertainment in order to grow. You can read the bill here.
We are monitoring the California Gig Economy bill as well. Click here for a link to Forbes article about how this bill will negatively impact the music industry in California. While this bill won’t affect Georgia’s music industry, we will be educating our lawmakers about the negative impact to try to keep any similar bills from being introduced in Georgia.  
Please join GMP so we can continue to update you on legislative issues in our state.