HB-155 Passes the Georgia House 157-11 – Now Moves on to the Senate

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The Georgia Music Investment Act: HB-155 moved through the Georgia State House of Representatives on crossover day by a vote of 157-11. March 3 was the last day a bill could be passed from the house to the senate to remain active. As a next step, we will go through the same process as we did with the house but this time with the senate. And, we only have 10 legislative days to do so. As a result, we are waiting for our hearing date, which will start in the income tax subcommittee of the senate finance committee.

We will keep you posted on the hearing date once we have the detailed information. In the meantime, please shift your calls and letters to the Georgia Senate. Here is a list of the Senate Finance Committee Members. If one of these Senators represents your district, please call and write them to ask for their support of HB-155.

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It’s not too late to contribute to GMP so that we can continue to push for this legislation.

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P.S. There will be a GMP Member Meet-Up at The Vista Room on March 14, 2017, 7:00PM-9:00PM. See you there!