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 Free Public Launch Event to Unveil R. Land’s Exclusive Artwork Turn Up The Volume Which Celebrates Georgia’s Musical Talent


ATLANTA, GA — Turn up the volume on music in Georgia! Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 28, 2015, Georgia Music Partners (GMP) — the authority that grows and improves the music economy in Georgia — will launch an eight-week “Fundraising Tour” campaign to further music advocacy in Georgia. The campaign will help support GMP’s ongoing efforts to grow the burgeoning music business in the state of Georgia, including advocacy work with government, the private sector and academic stakeholders. The campaign, which will conclude on December 30, 2015, strives to raise at least $100K over the eight-week “tour” period with donations starting at just $25. Complete campaign details, videos and benefit levels are available at

Turn Up the Volume by R Land

Turn Up the Volume by R Land

Hosted by Atlanta’s Criminal Records in Little 5 Points, the free, public launch event is tomorrow evening, Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 7PM. The event will also unveil exclusive work of art by multi-media artist R. Land created especially for Georgia Music Partners. Entitled, Turn Up the Volume, the vibrant and colorful artwork captures breadth of diverse musical talent Georgia has produced and championed, including Outkast, Indigo Girls, Arrested Development, Black Lips, Sugarland, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and more. The artwork will be on display at Criminal Records through December, and will be presented to the top donor of the Fundraising Tour. Limited edition t-shirts and stickers of the artwork will be available for sale at Criminal Records throughout the fundraising tour with all proceeds donated to GMP. Signed prints, posters, posters and magnets will only be available through GMP’s Fundraising Tour site.

“Music is part of the fabric of everyone’s life — but this is especially true in Georgia, a state which has a storied history in supporting and developing innovative artists across music genres, from hip hop and classical to R&B and country,” said Georgia Music Partners Co-President Mala Sharma. “The music industry contributes $3.7 billion to Georgia’s economy … and once live music and festivals are added in, that number is closer to $5 billion. We can grow this industry even further if we all work together and invest in music.”

“Whether you are a fan of Cat Power and Mastodon, Janelle Monae and Deerhunter, or Zac Brown Band and REM, the fact is exceptional musical talent comes from this state and we need the support of music lovers everywhere to ensure this tremendous work continues here at home,” said Georgia Music Partners Co-President Tammy Hurt.  “We want to also thank R. Land for lending his incredible talent to bring the music of Georgia into a stunning work of art. We hope it will inspire music fans all across the state to give at least $25 to our fundraising tour to help ensure this important advocacy work can continue.”

Fans of Georgia music can support music advocacy in two ways: Tour Support includes gifts of $25-500 with various benefits including Turn Up the Volume magnets, coffee mugs and more. Join the Band includes gifts of $1000+ with various benefits including an autographed, signed guitar; exclusive invitations to events and recording sessions; autographed, limited edition Turn Up the Volume watercolor prints; and the donated, original artwork.

How To Give During the Fundraising Tour

Donations during the GMP Fundraising Tour will be accepted online now through December 30, 2015.

*see attached — all donations $25 and above include GMP membership


About the GMP Fundraising Tour

Georgia songwriters, musicians, sound engineers, composers and producers enrich our lives. With your help we can lobby for change and pave the way to grow all music industry jobs and promote music in Georgia, thus increasing creative opportunities and driving revenue to the state. With your help we can give Georgia’s music industry a voice. Become a Georgia Music Partner at

About Georgia Music Partners

Georgia Music Partners (GMP) is the authority that grows and improves the music economy in Georgia. GMP encourages the state’s musicians, music professionals, educators and legislators to work together to further develop Georgia’s music industry through creativity and innovation. GMP is actively engaged with educators, local and state governments, business organizations, and music business leaders in pursuit of cooperation that promotes growth for all stakeholders. Through these partnerships, the organization seeks to develop programs which enable the state to better market music business in Georgia, and works to attract investment dollars for music technology companies to headquarter here. GMP seeks not only to sustain the music industry, but also holistically grow Georgia’s economy.

About R. Land

You may not know his name but his artwork can be seen all over the state whether it’s the murals of his famous cartoon like characters or the posters, artwork and stickers. R. Land has also contributed to the artwork of many brands, bands, and local venues including Adult Swim, Criminal Records Atlanta, Ultrababyfat, and Man or Astro Man. More at

About Criminal Records

There are many reasons to heap praise upon Criminal Records: The L5P staple’s square footage eclipses any other record store in town. That means more books, toys, magazines, comics, cassette tapes, and, yes, new and used CDs and vinyl. But what truly makes the store worth visiting are the employees. The people who work at Criminal have dedicated much of their lives to their favorite bits of musical real estate. Be it punk, post-punk, Krautrock, underground hip-hop, jazz, noise, blues, indie rock, or singer/songwriter fare, the staff members know their stuff. Creative Loafing has said, “They’re experts in their respective fields and they know the value of customer service.”

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Press Contact: Melissa Sanders