Georgia Music Partners reach extends to Athens, Georgia

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Photo credit: Dane O’Neill

In December,David Barbe of UGA’s MBUS program and New West Records hosted an evening for the Athens music community to introduce GMP’s legislative agenda for state-wide music incentives. New West Records artists include Ben Folds, Buddy Miller and Steve Earle, among others.

With the hope to garner feedback on how GMP and the Athens music community can benefit from the legislative efforts, the crowd included representation from various music categories including producers, songwriters, musicians, educators, music festivals, venues and music stores.

Athens, known as a breeding ground for musical talent, will be a key player in working towards moving GMP’s proposed legislation forward. The legislation, which offers incentives for both musicians and music professionals as well as the state of Georgia, was met with a warm reception. The three proposed legislative acts include: a sales tax exemption for music-related equipment for educational purposes; a musical theatre and live tour incentive which will provide income tax credit for various aspects of set up for a nationwide tour that originates in Georgia.

Georgia continues to be the creative leader across a diverse group of genres including gospel, blues, R&B, soul, rock and roll, country and hip-hop, among others. GMP has launched a a year-long initiative, to improve the business landscape for Georgia’s music industry and create a business environment which will allow Georgia music to succeed in the future.

Those interested in learning more about and/or supporting GMP Athens are encouraged to join us on January 21st at Hi-Lo Lounge 1354 Prince Avenue Athens Ga from 4:30-7pm.  Everyone is invited. Cash Bar.

Post by: Dane O’Neill