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My company, Neurotic Media, lost a talented Label Liaison person to Nashville last year. Seeing talent drain to other major markets has been a recurring theme in the Atlanta music scene for over a decade. There is an opportunity right now to do something about it, to reverse it and actually promote growth in Georgia’s music industry. We urgently need your help to pass House Bill 155 (HB-155), which would establish a 25%-30% in cash rebates for qualified spending within Georgia’s music industry. This amazing opportunity would be open to the entire music industry, at the hope that music companies from other major markets would then opt to bring productions into Georgia, driving job increase in the local market. And if you live in GA as is, clearly this bill is meaningful to you.

We want to thank all those who have already joined our effort as supporters and donors! Just last week, the long list of HB-155 supporters grew with the addition of the RIAA, The Music Industry Association, and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. We have a long way to go though to drive this bill home.


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Here is what you can do to help: If you are a GA resident or have offices in GA, please call your representative TODAY and ask for HB-155 support; ask them to “move HB-155 into Hearing” at the Ways & Means Committee level it’s stuck at. Let’s not let this opportunity die on the vine! It takes just a few minutes to call. We provide a lot of details at https://georgiamusicpartners.org.

  • If you need to first find out who your rep is, start at https://www.openstates.org to establish your House and Senate “district” numbers; and then, visit https://bit.ly/1AosUvz to identify your representatives and locate their phone numbers.
  • Call them. Leave messages, and your call back numbers. This entire process would take you just a few minutes (just two calls!) – GMP even provided recommended talk points copy for your use during your call at https://bit.ly/2kCQJvY.

If you are not a GA residence, you may still help by adding your company’s name to the list of HB-155 supporters, and by donating to our cause at https://georgiamusicpartners.org.

Thank you,


Shachar Oren

Board Member

Georgia Music Partners