Midnight Update – Down to the Wire

Tammy Blog

Nothing like being down to the wire. Today, Thursday March 30th is Legislative Day 40 of the Georgia Legislative session, also known as Sine Die. It is the last day bills can be passed this session.

To make sure everyone understands the process, HB-155 started out in the Georgia House of Representatives, and a few changes were made before it was approved and moved to the Senate. The Senate made some changes and passed a new version on Tuesday, Legislative Day 39. In order for our bill to be passed, the House must either approve the Senate changes, or work with Senate on some sort of compromise between the two bills.

Our legislative team is working hard to get something passed and agreed upon or else we will have to resume next session. Continue to check out the GMP blog and social media @gamusicpartners for updates.

As info, the session will likely go until midnight. Stay tuned!