Atlanta Record Label Fest is back for year two, expanding to two days, and now including record labels from Athens and Savannah.

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Atlanta Record Label Fest will be held on Saturday August 20 and Sunday August 21, with different labels and bands on each day.

Tickets are $10 for each day or $15 advance only for both days.

The DIY record label is often the first step for an artist in their pursuit to get to the next level. And often the people running these DIY labels are working day jobs, side jobs, and other jobs, just to operate the label and get vinyl and cassettes made, and then trying to add a marketing budget on top of that. Atlanta Record Label Fest was founded on the idea to put some spotlight on the people behind the scenes that support indie artists on their road to success.

We’re fortunate that our music culture in Atlanta, as well as Athens and Savannah, is thriving — not only hip hop and rap, but indie rock, metal, Americana, and soul. There are independent  record labels in all of those genres that call Georgia home.

Our purpose is twofold: to serve the indie record labels by creating an opportunity for networking, learning from each other, and building community; and to serve the music fans by presenting them with cutting edge musical artists, and bridging the gap between genres and sub-cultures.

We are focusing on curating a solid group of record labels that are working hard and releasing great music and merchandise. In our effort to keep Atlanta Record Label Fest diverse, we’re seeking out labels and artists in multiple genres, and will feature a total of 14 record labels and artists over two days.

This year we are back at Aisle 5 in the Little 5 Points area of Atlanta. Aisle 5 is a fantastic venue for us since they are in a walkable neighborhood and have all kinds off shows, everything from indie rock to jamtronica.

Record labels and bands in bold:

  1. Cottage Recording Co (Atlanta) – indie/alt – Slow Parade
  2. Full Plate (Atlanta) – rap– Dillon
  3. Deer Bear Wolf (Atlanta) – indie– Mara
  4. Working Class Music (Atlanta) – rap – Monday/Friday, Willi Dudat, 4-Ize, Blc Txt, and Boog Brown
  5. Megafuss (Atlanta) – alt – Sad Fish
  6. Bear Kids Recordings (Atlanta) – indie/alt – Small Reactions
  7. Madison Records (Atlanta) pop/indie soul/alt – either Chelsea Shag or Future Babes
  8. Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records (Athens) – indie/alt – Eureka California
  9. Arrowhawk Records( Athens) – indie/alt either Bambara, Hand Sand Hands, or Deep State
  10. Retro Futurist (Savannah) – progressive/rock/alt – Crazy Bags (formerly Crazy Bag Lady)
  11. Psych Army Intergalactic (Atlanta) – experimental hip hop – Dr. Conspiracy
  12. Stickfigure Recordings (Atlanta) – experimental/alt/synth no band
  13. Fall Break Records (Athens/Atlanta) – jangle pop/psychedelia – Dead Neighbors
  14. Underground Field Recordings (Atlanta) noise / experimental / hip-hop Dialogue



Daily label lineup and bands being announced next week.


  1. Madison Records
  2. Retro Futurist
  3. Cottage Recording
  4. Bear Kids
  5. Working Class Music Group
  6. Psych Army
  7. Stickfigure


  1. Full Plate
  2. Deer Bear Wolf
  3. Underground Field Recordings
  4. Happy Happy Birthday to Me
  5. Arrowhawk
  6. Megafuss
  7. Fall Break Records

Sponsors for Atlanta Record Label Fest 2016:

99X presents Something Local
Baby Robot Media
My Digital Catalog
The Seay Firm
Bohemiam Guitars
Georgia Music Partners

Last year’s press:

Quotes from participants in last year’s Label Fest:

“Label Fest’s first year was excellent and I only expect it to get better. It was a great way
to get Bear Kids involved further in the local music scene, and we were able to expose a
lot of new ears to Coma Girls with the performance portion. I also met some other cool
label heads and bands, and it was just a fun night of music and networking that was full
of solidarity for the local scene and local record labels.”
—Justin Green, Bear Kids Recordings

“Label Fest is a great event because it enables so many different people to meet in a way
that typically might not happen. Not only is it important to build a sense of camaraderie
and purpose amongst the various labels based in our area, but it also introduces a lot of
people to music that they would otherwise not have the chance to hear. There are so
many talented people putting out great work, and getting those people in one room not
only helps foster a community, but also is a step towards showing the world that we
have more to offer than what one might stereotypically associate with the region.”
—The Cottage Recording Company