Same Tax Incentives as Film, TV, Video Games and Car Manufacturers

Tammy Blog

We are Georgia Music. We are businesses, academic institutions, and non-profits based in Georgia. We are musicians, songwriters, producers, publishers, recording studio owners, students, educators, attorneys, record labels, business managers, and entertainment bankers – from all around this great state.

We all live in Georgia – we all contribute to the music economy – and we all give back to our great state.

And, we want to see the same targeted tax incentives that film, TV, video games and car manufacturers receive – for music because music equals jobs and music is economic development. 

Music is a collaborative machine that takes all of us working together to grow. Collectively, we can make House Bill 155, The Georgia Music Investment, a reality. But it is going to take time and work. We’ve completed half of it – we’re half way here.

But now, we need every single person who has anything to do with Georgia music or is impacted by Georgia music – to reach out to your legislators – to your representatives and to your senators to let them know that music matters to you, to our economy – and to our future.

Don’t under estimate the influence you have by meeting face to face with your legislator and their staff. We the people, each of us, and collectively can be the positive change we want to see in our music community.

Call your elected officials.

Visit their offices – urge them to support the music bill.