What Good is a White Paper on Georgia’s Music Business?

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By Scott Mills

Scott Mills uneditedHow are we going to know if this music business in Georgia is growing or in decline and who is our competition for talent and investment? As an organization that seeks to improve the music business condition here, we wanted to start a discussion on the state of the state. In 2011, we sponsored the first music industry economic study in years (we believe it should be done at least every 3 years).  This month, we published a white paper, “Assessment of Georgia Music Industry’s Competitive Landscape, Underutilized Assets and Growth Potential.”

The white paper can be downloaded for free at www.georgiamusicpartners.org/white-paper/

  •  o What cities/states do you think are the greatest competition for Georgia music?
  •  o Should we focus on growing live events?
  •  o Which cities in the state have the most to offer the industry today?

The white paper draws from a number of resources and includes our recommendations for helping improve the state of the music industry here. If you agree with our findings, please let us hear from you. If you have other ideas, suggestions or want to join in our efforts lets discuss.


Scott Mills is President of William Mills Agency, a Senior Consultant to the GMP Board, and alumni of Georgia State University’s Music Industry department.