Contact your state reps TODAY regarding HB 1330

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HB 1330Crossover Day!!! 
Calling all Georgia Music, Arts and Theatre Advocates:  We need your voices today!!!  
Today, March 15th is the last day for our bill to crossover to the Senate.  
Please contact your state reps in support of The Georgia Music and Theatre Jobs Recovery Act (HB 1330), a bipartisan bill currently being considered by the State House. HB 1330 will update the original Musical Investment Act to encourage growth of Georgia’s music industry, create and sustain jobs, and increase awareness of Georgia as a leading state for music production.
It is important for your state lawmakers to understand that you are the epitome of a small business. Music is a tremendous economic driver for the communities in which we live and work and as such should be considered in policy and legislation. This bill is one that our industry has been trying to get passed for many years. While the initial music incentive act was passed in 2017, some changes are necessary in order for it to be successful. These changes include lowering the threshold required by productions, increasing the credit amount, allowing the credit to be aggregated and transferred – all of these changes will bring it in line with the existing film credit in the state. We need this bill to to pass out of the Georgia House of Representative by Tuesday (March 15) for it to have a chance. Therefore, please call and write your state representative today. You can do so using this link.
While we are focused on moving HB1330 today, we wanted to share the full list of bills we have in motion that impact music:  Bill
HB 508-Consumer and Artists Protection Bill
SB 157-Legacy Artists Protection Bill 
HB1330-Georgia Music and Theatre Jobs Recovery Act 
HB1053-Extension of Post Production Credit
SR477-Joint House and Senate Music Heritage Study Committee
Thank you for your help today and let’s push the agenda forward, for a stronger future for Georgia’s music business!